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We, at Give First Aid, commit ourselves to empower individuals with essential knowledge and confidence to effectively handle emergencies. Seasoned instructors conduct our in-person CPR courses in Gympie, offering hands-on training to ensure you are fully equipped to tackle any crisis.

Group of students practicing CPR in a First Aid class in Gympie.

Why Choose Our CPR Courses in Gympie?

Why should you enroll in our CPR courses in Gympie? Each year, countless lives succumb to sudden cardiac arrests due to delayed medical interventions. We aim to change this grim statistic. Our courses not only teach you CPR and first aid techniques but also build the confidence needed to act promptly and effectively during emergencies. We focus on making sure every participant understands the importance of a quick response and can perform under pressure.

Our seasoned and certified instructors lead the training in an interactive, hands-on environment. This method reinforces learning and ensures that you can apply your skills in real-world scenarios. As we increase the number of trained responders in the community, our goal is to boost survival rates and establish a network of first responders ready to make a critical difference when necessary. Join us at Give First Aid and become an essential part of this lifesaving initiative.

We Train You To Save Lives

Joining our CPR course in Gympie teaches you critical techniques to save lives. Here are the benefits you will gain:

  • Hands-on training from certified professionals
  • Increased confidence in managing emergency situations
  • Nationally recognized certification upon completion of the course
Instructor demonstrating CPR technique in Gympie


At Give First Aid, we are deeply committed to fostering life-saving heroes in every community. With a heartfelt mission to make knowledge of first aid and CPR accessible and affordable, we offer top-tier training designed to build confidence and competence in emergency scenarios. Our courses, currently available at up to 40% off in our Autumn Promotion, aim to empower individuals from all walks of life, ensuring everyone has the chance to acquire these vital skills. Join us on our mission to create safer communities through education and empowerment.