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Provide First Aid course Overview

Empower yourself with the essential skills and knowledge required to provide immediate first aid response, life support, and casualty management until professional medical assistance arrives. Our comprehensive first aid training covers both adult and child conditions, ensuring you’re equipped to handle any emergency situation effectively. This course meets the advised minimum requirement by Workplace Health and Safety Legislation for workplace first aiders, formerly known as Senior First Aid.

What You’ll Learn in Our Provide First Aid course:

  • Master life-saving techniques including CPR, basic life support, and casualty management.
  • Gain confidence in providing first aid response and managing incidents until help arrives.
  • Learn to coordinate effectively with other first aiders during emergencies.


Join us for a dynamic 4-hour face-to-face training session, complemented by essential pre-course information. Prior to the course commencement, completion of all online learning activities is mandatory. Secure your spot today by clicking the “Book Now” button below, where you can conveniently select your preferred date and complete the registration process. Payment can be easily processed after registration using any major credit or debit card through the PayPal button.


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